2022 the 4th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Algorithm

Nov. 11-13, 2022 Sanya, China
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ConferenceNov.11-13, 2022
DeadlineOct.10, 2022
NotificationOct.30, 2022


Prof. Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University, USA


Prof. Yilun Shang, Northumbria University, United Kingdom


Prof. Zongwei Luo,Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China

Prof. Ying Ma, Xiamen University of Technology, China

Dr. Hui Sun, Academy of OPTO-Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science, BeiJing, China

Prof. Peng Lu, Central South University, China

Prof. Jinyang Xu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Prof. Bin Liu, Nanjing Medical University, China

Prof. Quanxin Zhu, Hunan Normal University, China

Prof. Zhixiao Wang, Xi'an University of Technology, China

Prof. Yingxue Zhao, University of International Business and Economics, China

Prof. Lulu Wang, Shenzhen Technology University, China

Dr. José Joaquim De Moura Ramos, Department of Computer Science, University of A Coru?a, Spain

Dr. Pisutti Dararutana, Royal Thai Army Chemical Department, Thailand

Dr. Altan Onat, Eskisehir Technical University, Turkey

Dr. Zul-Atfi Ismail, School of Environmental Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

Dr. Ismail Yenilmez, Department of Statistics, Science Faculty, Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir, Turkey


Prof. Kyaw Zaw Ye, Ministry of Defense, Myanmar

Prof. Gorbunov Vladimir, National Research University of Electronic Technology, Russia

Prof. Yu Xue, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China

Prof. Goharik Petrosyan Razmiki, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Armenian

Prof. Ning Chen, Xian Polytechnic University, China

Prof. Nina Popva, St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

Prof. Anastasios Doulamis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

Dr. Jie Hu, University of Massachuttes, USA

Dr. LO, Man-fung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Prof. Peng Lu, Central South University, China

Dr. José Carlos Metrolho, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal

Dr. Izhar Mithal Jiskani, China University of Mining and Technology, China

Dr. Larisa Ivancu, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania

Dr. Ma Quanjin, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Dr. Wondaferaw Yohannese Chubato, Southwest JiaoTong University, China

Dr Noraida Abdul Ghani, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Imran Memon, Zhejiang University ,China

Dr. Pratibhamoy Das, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, India

Prof. Subhabrata Banerjee, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India

Assoc. Prof. Weili Zeng, College of Civil Aviation, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China